If I could spend an hour doing whatever I wanted it would look like this.

A great novel, a cup of tea, and quiet.

Not just the no-loud-noise kind of quiet. but also the no conversation, nothing electronic, no television, no laundry, no-needs-to-be-met kind of quiet.

Just me and the tactile quality of old book pages, the warmth of my favorite cup in my hand, the delicious, flowery scent of earl gray tea.

And this tale to carry me away to a place I’ve never been, to feel the things I’ve never felt, to open my world one page at a time.

Until I am lost to the chair I sit in, lost to this room, this house.

Alone, in perfect silence.

A whisper might bring me back. Guide me home.

Back into the fold of daily life.

But I will be glad to have made my brief journey. Glad to have traveled
far away from a world filled with distraction, if only for an hour.
Glad for this time to hear myself think.

I will be.


P.S. This post is part of You Capture – Hopeful



i just wandered over here via the comment you left on my guest post at 2bbb. thank you for that. i also thought i recognized the name from the comment you left on ethereal. and i was right!

i’m so glad i came, too… for this peaceful post and to see your blog. it’s very serene and lovely.

your words are beautiful. you photos are amazing! i’m in love with the bird shot below.

lastly, i just wanted to say thank you for adding ethereal to your blog roll. what an honor to see it as i scrolled down through your list of reads. we love to get visitors there, but we feel like we don’t keep it up to date as often as we should. so it’s nice to see some signs of life from visitors over there. that encourages us to post more! so thank you!

looking forward to come back for more of your writing and photography.


I love all of your blogs…and your photography! Thank you so much for stopping by…

the perfect day!:)

I agree… thank you so much for stopping by!

hi there-
this looks like a good place to sip a glass of red and explore. i love your photography and your jewelry is fabulous. thanks for the recent comments on my blog….


thank you for stopping by…i might join you for that glass of red…

I love this post! I considered a very similar “quiet” post, but who am I kidding? I haven’t read a book in ages! I just dream about doing it again someday. 🙂

Beautiful photo. Beautiful thoughts!

Oh man I need to up my photog skills. Great shot!


Aaaahhh, that first cup of coffee in the morning – I had the feeling instantly when I saw the photo! Well done!

Beautiful photo! Looks like my favorite kind of quiet too. 🙂

  • thank you, it is nice to “meet” you as well!

  • Wow, this is just stunning. Maybe one of my favorite you capture shots ever. Well done!

    well thank you so much!

    I just love that kind of quiet. had that last night, very soothing.

    You summed up a perfect afternoon for me, too. Except it would be coffee 😉 I love the photo and the words. Eloquent!

    Beautiful photo. I love your brand of quiet… sounds wonderful.

    Beautiful compostion and depth of focus!

    Beautiful photo… and thoughts!

    thank you!

    This was a beautiful post. Your whole blog is so serene, mind if I stay for a bit and have some coffee?

    please, stop by anytime! : )

    What a great post!! I would LOVE that kind of quiet. Sitting and reading a novel and drinking a coke zero (cause I don’t like tea) sounds like such a great way to spend an hour!!

    thanks so much…I say whatever beverage work for you, it’s the quiet part that counts!

    I too wanted to get a shot of a cup of tea (chamomile) with a favorite book, but went a different route at the last minute.
    Wonderful shot.

    Those first morning sips of coffee are the best! I still get to have those brief calming coffee moments…but they are TOO brief and TOO infrequent. Great post.

    I don’t get many of those days, but I know I enjoy them when I do. I haven’t found a book that I’ve wanted to disappear into in a while.

    Ahhh, I’m having one of those mornings right now. 🙂 Love your blog, it’s so reflective and inspiring.



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