my new best friend

I recently took a giant leap forward, technologically speaking. I acquired my first blackberry. (I know, I am way behind the times on this one!)

Suddenly this little device has become a new appendage.

I take it everywhere with me, I don’t let it out of my sight. It keeps me in constant touch with my family, my business, my calendar, my blog. I can’t imagine, already, what I ever did without it. But is that a good thing?

In most ways, yes. It is a tool I can use to organize my schedule, which is way too crazy most of the time. And I can set reminders to myself for any number of little things I intend to do every day but will otherwise forget.

I have become a full-time texter. I resisted for a long time, but now I am one of those people…looking down at a tiny little keyboard (need my reading glasses!) and having entire conversations without ever opening my mouth. But I talk to my kids more often, and that is a good thing.

I have access to my email when I am away from home, which helps me keep track of my two businesses. And I will be able to use my new best friend to accept credit cards at our jewelry shows, which is much better than the clumsy, old fashioned machine I have now.

All of these things save time. But what do I spend that time doing? If I use these tools correctly, I can be more organized and I will then have more time to create, and that is also a good thing.

But it’s hard not to wonder what we are losing. Are we losing our ability to relate to people face to face? To leave work and relax? To slow down and simply contemplate life? Will we be able to handle the overload of information? Will our language morph into a shorthand version of itself?

Technology changes so fast that it is hard to keep up with it. I just “tweeted” for the first time yesterday. I guess, in the end, it will be up to us to decide how to integrate all these new tools into our lives in a positive way. And how to maintain our connections to other people while doing it.

A few weeks ago, my brother spoke into his phone. And then his phone sent me a text of what he said. Perhaps one day, soon, I will be able to simply think something and my new bff will forward that on to someone else…

Omg, idk, better watch what I think…

my bff might lol.


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Kelly, you have a beautiful blog here. I love that shade of blue. I am glad you came by to visit me so I could come here. Lovely.

I hear you on loosing the relaxation with technology. If I have a few minutes free I usually go online and check email! What did we ever do before? I don’t have a blackberry and have resisted getting the iphone, but the iphoto photo processing apps are so good…. I don’t know how much more I can resist!

On my blog, you asked about the papers curling… I wrote a reply in the comments over there as I thought others might like the info as that was a great question –
Well I think that the gesso keeps the paper fairly flat, the thicker the layer of gesso the less the paper will curl. If I painted directly on the paper they would curl a whole lot, which is why I always start with gesso. Even with the gesso – you can see from the picture that the papers do turn up at the edges – to combat that I have 2 things
1) I go ahead and cut them up. I almost never use a whole sheet as is. I use parts of the pages in collages, so if I cut them up and put them in my drawer they some how lie flat, I guess squashed by the other things in my stash drawers.
2) I usually lay them under a heavy book, on the floor beside my craft table over night. I should have said that in the tutorial! But I am glad you asked 🙂


Great, thanks! I really am going to try and make some, they looked really beautiful. And thank you for stopping by, I am pretty new to this whole blog thing and I really appreciate your comments!

Every now and then I think of 1984 – you know, Orwell. I think about Orwellian Newspeak and our current text talk. I’m probably stretching for that one, but… the thought is there.

Anyhow, I’m glad you text. It encouraged G. to do the same and now he’ll text me too.

In closing…

BTW, do u kno theres a Twitter app for BB? 🙂

Yes, I actually have twitter on my BB haven’t used it from there yet…still learning!

I completely agree. I have had an iPhone for a year and feel on one hand very much connected with friends/family and on the other not connected because of technology. Isn’t it interesting that we can be connected and not at the same time? While I love my iPhone and wouldn’t give it up, it does make me sad sometimes.


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