que sera sera

How can you not love a plant that chooses to grow in your garden? Even when it decides to take up residence right smack dab in the middle of the path from the driveway to the back door, forcing you to walk around it each time you go in or out.

Volunteer plants have always been my favorite, and are part of the reason that my garden gets messy… I never have the heart to pull them out. Who am I to say that a flower cannot grow where it chooses?

And who could resist that perfect color? Color that has also created itself, as columbines form their own hybrids. I’ve never had this shade of this plant in my garden before.

It is a gift.

Reminding me that being in control isn’t all that.

Spontaneity has its own rewards.

Letting things be as they are, who they are, might just be the best way to grow.

My garden is always teaching me lessons.

Tiny lessons, yes.

But they all fit into the big picture.

And today, it’s a very pretty picture, indeed.


Wishing you a weekend filled with tiny lessons.



i had no idea what this gorgeous thing was, but i loved it at first sight. i love it even more knowing how bossy it is, how it just staked a spot, knowing you couldn’t say no. it has all the attributes of a certain cat i know. xoxox

Kelly, thank you for this wonderful post and reminder. Love it: “Growing where it chooses … It is a gift.”

Have a great weekend in and around your garden.


a B E A U T I F U L lesson … thanks for sharing!

This capture is so BEAUTIFUL!

I agree completely with your sentiments. Such a gift and a gift to know what a gift it is. Although, I did move some plants so they wouldn’t get squished by the shed that got moved into my miniature mini woodlands but then that was a life saving mission.


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