postcard from indian lake

{august break no. 31}

On Day Two of our camping trip, my daughter and I took a hike up one of the nearby trails. This was the scene from where we started, Indian Lake, which over the years, has become a place to come back to.

When my son was quite young I brought him here, and we went on a canoe ride. (Thinking this would be great fun for him.) He screamed all the way to the end of the lake, until, after much exasperation and trying everything I could think of to calm him down, I said, “What exactly is it you’re so afraid of?” He replied, “I’m afraid to fall in.”

My answer was that he was wearing a life jacket, so even if he fell in, he would float. Problem solved. Silly me. (And I must also add that in addition to the life jacket, he did know how to swim at that point, apparently I just hadn’t explained it all well enough.) After that, he settled down and enjoyed the ride.

My husband and I came to this lake to celebrate out first anniversary. And we’ve come here as a family almost every October since.

But on this trip, we were camping, tent camping, at an adjacent lake, and we were having a lovely, relaxing time, all of us looking forward to four whole days of fresh air, being unplugged, lots of exercise and reading and golfing and of course, s’mores.

You would never know it by looking at this photo that our trip was about to be cut short by a girl named Irene. Just shortly after my daughter and I returned from our hike, the Camp Ranger came by and told us that the park was being evacuated due to Hurricane Irene. What? Just look at that beautiful blue sky…surely it won’t reach all the way up here…

And so, the next day, we left as instructed, and as it turned out, the storm that was by then downgraded from hurricane to tropical actually did go right through the Adirondacks.

We headed down to my daughter’s place in Albany, and it was crazy there, heavy rain, wind and flooding all around us. We were lucky, we never lost power, though we had all our camping gear with us so we felt prepared in case it happened.

We all spent the day eating and reading and playing cards, much as we would have if we were still in the mountains.

In that regard, it was a wonderful trip, a vacation that became a bit of an adventure, and even though it took us two extra hours to get home because of all the detours caused by flooding, I left feeling grateful and rested.

It was a strong reminder that Mother Nature is always in charge.

And that truly, there’s no place like home.


Keeping those who were affected by Irene in my thoughts and heart.


What a beautiful image, looks like such a fantastic place. So sorry your trip got cut short. I’m supposed to be going down to North Carolina in a couple of weeks for our vacation, hoping there’s not too much flood damage down there following the storm.

as always, a beautiful and inspiring post.

feels to me like being with you would always feel like home. I hope to remember the canoe story, sometimes we forget to ask the most important questions.

Lovely scene and wonderful story ~ Love your photography namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) visiting from Art Blog Hop ~ ^_^ thanks ~

What a beautiful image. I love leaving home to go home; then they tell you to go back home…Just good homecomings all the way around!

this looks like one of those places i never thought was real. especially when i was a kid and reading trixie belden and the boxcar children – i thought people made up these places. even the word ‘adirondacks” seemed a not real place. a myth. looking at this image, i’m not sure i was wrong.

all that said, i am glad you and yours are safe. and yes, mother nature is always in charge. we forget sometimes and she makes sure to remind us.

Even if Irene did cut things short it sounds as if you were able to relive a few memories and make some new ones – the sign of a good holiday in my book.

What a beautiful pic. I love Indian Lake. And truly, there is no place like home. Coming home after being away gives a fresh appreciation for all that is in our daily lives. Glad you had a safe trip.

home is where my heart is, home is where my love is waiting for me, after each journey, physical or mental…


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