oh, life

I thought I was going to catch up on things this weekend, I did paperwork all day Saturday, attended a graduation party for my niece on Saturday night, and planned to make jewelry all day Sunday. A fairly routine weekend for me.

Life tends not to care about your plans, though. One of our kittens, George, was hit by a car just after I let him out yesterday morning, something I have lived in fear of since the day he and his brother, Brett, showed up just over a year ago.

But keeping these two inside was never an option, they came to us as wild children, we took them in and cared for them, but what they lived for was to be outside, hunting. George was always first out the door every morning, not even pausing to eat first. Brett would have a snack and follow a few minutes later. In and out they would go all day, stopping in only for a brief snack before heading back out to their hunting ground. I brought them in every night, much to their chagrin. And now Brett is lost without his brother, his always-there partner in crime. They were like twins.

I will write more about George later this week over at Mrs. Mediocrity. He was a very special kitty, and I have more to say about him than I can put into words today..

But I guess my point when I started this post was simply to say, you just never know. A not-so-gentle reminder about how important it is to live in the moment, because you just never know what will happen next.

In the end, I made my jewelry yesterday, trying to stay busy and not think about what had happened. There will be the salt of tears fired into this batch of precious metal clay pieces.

When I finished, I went for a very long, long walk, alone, and in silence.

And all I could come up with was:

oh, life.





Oh, life indeed …. sigh

I’m so sorry about your loss, I’m sending warm thoughts your way

so sorry . i know you will miss him . you touched me with the tears shed on the creations of yesterday..

thinking of you an awful lot, saw the post on FB, then later saw the how. Please give yourself some time to deal with the shock of sudden loss. And heartbreaking to witness the loss of those quite close. It hurts all around. It hurts.
I am glad that you are taking care of yourself ~ We love you – so sorry for your loss – your family’s loss. Sending you lots of thoughts & prayers for healing. xo

I know how heart breaking it can be to lose a pet. My husband and I lost several to car accidents in the UK. Thankfully we have indoor cats now but my heart still aches for those we lost. Big hugs. x

life, indeed. sigh. so sorry about george.

I agree! I’m so sorry about George.

it’s all you can say. it will break your heart every day. proving that you love and live. xoxo

the subtle light on the leaf is nice

Well, this came out great. I’m so sorry about your loss.

Hope your day is blessed.

Beautiful texture work!! 🙂

My deepest sympathies…it’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. Sending prayers & big hugs your way…

Sorry to learn of your loss. Your artwork is lovely.

I am so very, very sorry. I know how hard this is.
Sending you hugs.

I am so sorry. I live in fear of the same thing.

I was so sorry to hear about George. The last few weeks I’ve had computer problems that kept me from reading your blog. I was catching up today when I read about George. There is a quote I love: “The truth is that life is delicious, horrible, charming, frightful, sweet, bitter, and that is everything.” Anatole France. It seems somehow appropriate. I’m sure George is now hunting in fields we have yet to see.

Oh your photos are great! Looks like you’re having a great August so far! I’m participating in the August Break too! I’m doing this photo a day thing so I thought I’d just join right in on the August Break too! 🙂


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