october in the garden

Tucked in amongst the golds and greens and purples, I find evidence of life, fulfilled.

Blooms that are spent, yet still beautiful.

Tiny green seedlings getting a head start on next year’s cycle.

Bare stems and stark silhouettes.

Tall grasses that have yet to reach their peak.

Each moment is precious in the October garden.

Very soon, the snow will come and all will be hidden beneath winter’s blanket.

Purple monkshood stands tall and whispers

more time, more time.

As do I.



this touches my heart. i know – i sound so hokey, but it really does. perhaps it’s that i feel the need to hibernate, to hide beneath of blanket of snow, cotton, whatever. perhaps it’s the unfairness that, being human, i don’t get that time. i’d never thought about that before. “as do i”. this is amazing stuff.

Being a lover of plants, I totally relate to your verse today. And just love the photograph.

I’m desperate for Fall to stay long and for Winter to take it’s time getting here. I had my first static shocks yesterday which is a sure sign that winter is on its way.

Beautiful verse and image. Simply lovely.

It really has come..and now almost gone. Too fast! So hard to slow the wheels of season’s changes!


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