nipping at the heels of imperfection

Perfection rarely exists in nature. At least perfection in the way that most of us define it: flawless.

When I looked at this photo, I thought “ugh, I didn’t notice that the leaves had been chewed on when I snapped it.” Forgetting, of course, to see the beauty of the light.

But I’m working on it. The older I get, the less I strive to be a perfectionist. It’s a silly goal anyway, because, of course, you never get there. And you waste so much energy in the trying.

And so here it is, my beautifully imperfect photo filled with perfectly perfect dappled light and imperfectly chewed on leaves.

I bet the bug that chewed on them thought they were perfectly delicious.

It all comes down to perspective.

Don’t you think?


I’m slowly learning to embrace the imperfections…mine and the world’s:)

and the chewed leaves do look pretty cool, I like imagining the bug…perspective!

dappled light – 2 of my very favorite words. love the light, love the chewed leaves. maggie had an ear like that – as a kitten she was so loved by a dog that he accidentally nipped a piece of her kitty-cat ear. and i loved that ear.

embracing imperfections? i am headed to the lake today, glaring white skin, cellulite, 50 something arms and all. in a bikini. HE never notices those imperfections. i hope he feels about them the way i felt about maggie’s ear.


Thank you for this lesson. xo

Very true. Sometimes the imperfections make things all the more lovely. Give them some character 🙂

In many cases, such as this one, it is the imperfections that give the photo character.

You’re so right, we all need to celebrate the imperfections.

Isn’t that exactly what is so beautiful about nature? It’s perfect imperfection??

Au Contraire. There is nothing BUT perfection in nature. Every single thing in nature is EXACTLY as it is suppose to be. We humans, who live in a world of constructions, ideas and words, put parameters and boundaries on the definition of perfection. It may be true in a human eye and mind that something isn’t ‘perfect’ according to those limits, but nature doesn’t make mistakes.

Thank “God” for imperfections 🙂

Wise lesson to read here

Perspective indeed! I really enjoy the bold diagonal design and strong color in this shot! Very nice.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I too behold beautiful light in that shot.

yes kelly .. dappled light and imperfect leaves ARE perfection to me .. I often react the way you did but find myself learning to embrace the not so perfect has added so much to my photography and everyday view..I have missed my visits here..

I love the last line, “It all comes down to persepctive.” A friend of mine and I just sat at dinner discussing how life could be so different depending on your perpective. I’m also working on expectations–if I lay aside how I think something should be, it always ends up being just right, texactly the way it’s supposed to be. Just had to smile when I saw your post, since we’d just been discussing our perspectives last night.

I like to think those bugs had a feast.

I love this–I love your perspective. I didn’t even notice the chewed leaves until you pointed them out, and now I’m glad you did.


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