This photo pretty much sums up the colors of my landscape just now, making me think of the book titled Landscape Painted with Tea by Milorad Pavic. But dawn was colorful this morning, brilliant pink on the horizon melding into tangerine into slate blue.

I feel Mother Nature holding her breath. Waiting silently for winter to move on, tapping her foot a little with impatience, but letting her most troublesome child work things out on his own.

The light has changed, the sun paints a new picture across the lawn in the afternoon, and the fact that there is sun at all makes me smile.

The geese are traveling, setting down at the swamp by the hundreds. When I opened the door to let my dog out yesterday morning the sound was deafening. I kept going to the door all day long just to open it a crack and hear that noise. They were still going strong when I went to bed last night.

Each year the trees grow taller, their shadows longer, and together we wait for the birds to come back and build their nests. I’ve yet to see a robin, it’s late now for that.

But, soon.


Wishing you a week filled with song.



The robins are back and bright here, but I’ve only seen one V of geese. I guess they’ve all gathered at your neighborhood, with much to tell about their winter travels.

i have a yard full of robins. i will whisper in one’s ear and send him in your direction.

I saw a robin the other day, and this morning I saw another sitting on top of a tree. At first, I thought it was a mourning dove, but a robin’s coloring is all its own and that’s what it was. Spring is so near ~


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