morning dew

The air conditioners had to be put in the windows yesterday. Already I miss the sounds of summer. I feel like a caterpillar inside a cool cocoon. But I would rather be a butterfly flying in the breeze, even if it is a very warm one.

Oh, I know that I could. No one says you have to use air conditioning. But I have to work here, and that gets to be unbearable when it is so hot, my studio ends up being the warmest room in the house, and I can’t get anything done because all I can think about is how hot I am. I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. Such a rough life…

But I miss the crickets, the birds, the breeze. The smell of flowers floating in through the windows. I miss having that tiny slice of outdoors peeking in through the windows.

Last night I took some much-needed time to myself and read. Baseball was on the television, turned way down low, even though my husband had gone to bed hours before. I think I have grown used to it, over the years, reading with sports on in the background. I used to switch channels as soon as he went to bed, now, most of the time, I don’t bother. I just turn the volume down and keep reading. It is comforting background noise. I read for three hours straight, I haven’t done that in ages. It was wonderful.

In summer, if I had the option, I would read all day long. When I was a kid, I would do just that, sit on our front porch and read entire days away. There were a lot of kids on my street, maybe twenty or twenty-five, and at least some of them were always outside, playing. I was almost always out there on the porch, reading.

These days, of course, I have obligations, work and chores and life, and I can’t spend entire days with my nose buried a book. But if it were an option, that is exactly what I would do. Read all day. That should have been my vocation. I would have excelled at it.

But one of these days, this summer…

I am going to go and find myself a porch.


Your photo is beautiful. When I was a kid, I spent lots of time in the summer reading too. I have memories of sitting outside on the stairs reading, reading, reading. My son is just like that too. Nowadays it’s a luxury to while away an afternoon reading.

Hope you find your porch!

The sound of air conditioning is one of the sounds of summer here in Texas – also spring & fall. I kind of don’t hear it & forget about it until I step outside, especially at night, and the wall of noise known as cicadas hits me. Don’t tell anyone, but I have been know to keep open a door or window even with the a/c on. And PS – a front porch is the thing I miss the most here at this house. I have memories also. And yayyy! for LONG reading sessions! xoxo

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I used to read a ton when I was a child . . . now as an adult I go through phases, not reading for ages and then all of a sudden devouring several books in as many days.

Sigh, yes my memories of childhood are spending the long summer days hidden away in a book and even now find there is nothing more relaxing. So lovely then to find a ‘like-minded’ soul!!
Gorgeous photo for this post too btw. Have soooo enjoyed exploring here, Kelly, thank you.
Hugs xxx

I love to read…I usually have 4 books going at once- I feel I can never get enough.
I only wish that we were putting the a/c unit in. It is 5th of July and I am sitting with a wool sweater on…that’s Montucky for you…grrrr.
Lovely image- gorgeous use of texture.

I found your blog very interesting! Yes we do get cut off from nature in so many things that we do, even by using the air conditioner! And I am glad you wrote of the meaningful things that you missed. Thanks for your thoughts.
I too used to read all the time when I was growing up. My sisters and I used to go to the library and take out 5 books each to read for that week! And we did! We then couldn’t wait to go back and get 5 more books! This summer too I’m going to read more too!

kelly, our a/c’s ran all weekend…. but gosh i’m so glad we have a/c. it was GROSS outside… ugh..

love your image and your passion for reading… both are beautiful things… 🙂

happy monday…..xxo, kim

Oh man — lazy days spent reading are the best! This reminds me I need to find a new book …

Gorgeous photograph!

Oh it’s really hot here to. Almost too hot for me, this gives me time to catch up on things 🙂 Love the image today.

I love to have the windows wide open just to let the breeze in and hear the sounds of summer. Of course this doesn’t always work because it is too hot. I’m thankful that I live where the nights are cool, so I can hear the crickets’ lullaby each night. It is very soothing.
I like your blog, your writing. Beautiful thoughts. And I love to read, too. Recently my daughter went to camp with her class and my husband was a chaperone. I spent hours and hours on a bench in the shade in my garden reading. It was mere bliss.

Such a lovely sweet post and your photo is amazingly gorgeous! I like that you are taking out time for yourself! I love to read too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Yes yes yes, tucked up on the porch, in the shade often on the porch swing reading and daydreaming. Make it a vacation day, clear the calender, turn off the phone, let the rug grow fur. And sit on that porch and read. You deserve it.

Author I LOVE Sarah Addison Allen: Garden Spells, The Girl Who Chased the Moon and The Sugar Queen. Great characters, a little magic and you don’t want them to end, ever!

Where did I find you? Your blog has been open on my computer for several days, and just this morning I started reading, and reading …. I love your writing!

I know what you mean about summer and air conditioning. I remember before air conditioning, too … remember the sticky humidity, but yet how nice it was when the day cooled down, remember sweating glasses of lemonade and iced tea … remember these little terry cloth sleeves that we had to go over the glasses when they sweat. Remember opening the freezer just to grab a breath of cold, dry air.

I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, now that I’ve found you!



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