flight patterns

There are days when I soar, days when I glide,
days when wings flap against wind.

There is the nest that always needs cleaning, the babies that need
to be fed, the busyness of survival.

There is joy and sadness, smoke and mirrors, passion and inertia.
There is promise and potential, fear and insecurity, hope and creation.
All wrapped within this tiny egg that I watch and watch, waiting.

The sun glows through my wings and tinges them purple.
I rest on a branch to watch the sunset. I sleep when it is dark and rise
at dawn, taking off at first light to feel that freedom: flight.

I go higher each day, adding space between me and the tree tops.
I fly so high that I find silence.
All I hear is my breath, a rustle of feather, the wind.

I find myself, up there, in all that space.
Alone with my thoughts and the sky.

There is always room for the view.


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Amazing capture and compostion…beautifully done.
Lovely words…I let them linger this morning.

Thank You for sharing this. Its beautiful and inspiring.

What a beautiful post . . . felt like I was soaring with you.

Sooooo beautiful. thank you.
Hugs xxx

Thats WOW!!! Just visiting your blog I am speachless, that banner is so peaceful. The photo is amazing and those words… WOW!…so beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

A bird! You are a bird! This is so beautiful that I cried when I read it. I’ve always wanted to be a bird, thank you for giving me this insight!

This is so beautifully said. I love how you use words. Poetic. Musical.
I really enjoy your posts.
And wish I could write like you. Sigh.

simply, beautifully true!

Beautiful. Stunning photo and touching words. Love it! 🙂

Your Fellow Flyer… Jennifer

Birds, and nests, and tiny eggs rank high in many artists’ symbolism, but you have given an essence to a bird’s being; a feeling of having been there, lived that.

that is my fascination with birds I think ..such creatures to watch teachers!

Beautiful – both words..and image. Truly magical!!!!

you just put it all together in word and in image…..
a gift… i adore….

xxo, kim


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