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Last night I thought my house might blow away. Well, okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but there were gusts clocked at 73 mph, and that’s pretty windy.

It probably didn’t help that I was watching the movie, 2012, only because it was on the channel my husband had been watching, and I was knitting, so I never bothered getting up to switch the station. Despite that fact that it’s an absurd movie as far as the way it all works out in the end.

But there were times when the wind was howling so loud that I couldn’t hear the television. Which actually made the disasters happening in the movie seem more real and more scary.

It was another reminder of how much we depend on Mother Nature, and how we take so much for granted with our electricity and internet and convenience stores and sometimes I wonder if we have forgotten how to survive. Mostly I try not to think about such things, there are no answers and you can drive yourself crazy. But it was hard not to think about it last night.

No matter how civilized and technologically advanced we think we have become, we are still ruled by Nature.

At our house, we were lucky and never lost power, but thousands of people in the area did. Trees were down, damage was done.

This morning it is fairly calm again, with a light dusting of snow. Another mild day in what has been a very mild winter. A day that makes me grateful for the house I have, the life I live, the warmth and the food and the shelter and the soft place to sleep.

I simply have nothing to complain about.

Thanks for the reminder, Mother.


It’s like that here today; high wind gusts sending everyone’s recycling bins sliding down the street. Now the sun is out with snow flurries. We think we’re so smart and can control it all; know-it-alls. Better mind your mother.

Wow, those were some pretty strong winds. I remember watching that movie, I made sure I didn’t see it before going to Yellowstone!!! Stay warm and safe. x

me too!

What a great story, Kelly. I had to laugh that the movie seemed more real because of the weather you were experiencing. Nature can been so soothing and embracing, but as you express here, can also be the unruly toddler or the rageful shrew. Thanks for sharing your story.


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