indian summer

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and 80 both days. Summer is clearly over, last week we had a hard frost that killed all of the tomato plants. But it was nice to pretend for a day or two, nice to feel the sun on my face, nice to go for a run wearing shorts and a tank top, nice to eat outside at the last family picnic of the year.

Soon enough, the landscape will be turning to gray and then to white. My garden still has a few things blooming, anemones and hydrangeas, perennial sunflowers and monkshood. Red rose hips polka dot what remains of the rose bushes, and the tall grasses are tall enough to dance in the breeze, though they have not yet turned the tawny color they will wear all winter.

The squirrels and chipmunks are busy busy, and the hummingbirds have already moved on to warmer places. Of course the mice are trying to do the same thing, attempting to make their way inside. My naughty outside kitten has been busy on mouse patrol.

Nights are cool and sleeping is good. The geese that arrive in great flocks on their way south bed down for the night at the swamp down the road and sing me to sleep. Well, it’s more like honking than singing, but it always makes me smile, it sounds like such a party.

The air smells different these days. Fresh and crisp and full of change. I stand here and I breathe it all in, never knowing where life will take me.

But quite content to be here just the same.



you captured the essence so well!! Enjoy this time!

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Yes, we can feel the change as it approaches. Lovely words and image.

I’m a bit jealous! I hope the sun continues to shine.

I live vicariously through you; fall here is never really like that, but thank you for the sweet moments of virtual reality.

This is so beautiful, the picture, the words. So perfect.

The seasons fly by so fast … make them slow down!


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