in my mind’s eye

Right now my mind feels like this field full of weeds.

It’s time to clean things up a little, pull out what is no longer useful,
make room for new things to grow.

Easier said than done, I know.

Winter stopped by over the holiday with a bit of snow for my birthday,
just an inch that did not last, but with that first sight of winter comes a shift.
The garden is officially dormant, and life becomes an inside pursuit
rather than an outside one, both literally and metaphorically.

A change I both welcome and wish away.

Wishes that will float out over the field of life, some to disintegrate
before they touch the ground, some continuing on to places unknown,
some landing gently, taking root.

I have to be careful not to pull these up by mistake as I weed out
the old no longer useful wishes that have outgrown their space,
gone to seed, or withered into dried bits of longing.

It is a cycle, a circle, this living.

New replacing old, fresh replacing tired, calm replacing chaos.

It begins again.


“New replacing old, fresh replacing tired, calm replacing chaos.”


Yes, the cycle continues and we are honored to pause.

Got to love the cycle. :0)

I spent some of the weekend cleaning out closets – for some reason physically getting rid of the junk helps clear it out of my mind as well

Your field of weeds is beautiful…

oh. yes.
this is a challenging time of year. ironically we are busiest when nature is telling us to retreat, relax, renew!

This post really resonated with me.

Beautiful — so well put!

A wonderful post, beautiful shot, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

Your words bring me peace about winter.


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