if you need me

{august break no. 26}


i’ll be somewhere outside,

soaking up those last few rays

of summer sun…

what are you up to?



sitting out the rain and storm we have here

I’m with you – somewhere out there…soaking it in.

I would rather be doing what you are going to be doing but I am getting 2 sons ready for college and university (more one than the other since the older one is going into time away for a second degree). Enjoy!

Same, same 😉 Have a nice weekend!

Sunshine this morning will soon evaporate into sheets of rain tomorrow as Irene storms in

I went for a fantastic walk this morning! It was still foggy out and moisture hung in the air. Just as i was getting home the sun came out and burned it all away

I don’t blame you. I had the last of all my packing removed yesterday and feel so much better than I have in the last several days. It will still take a while for things to heal but at least I’m feeling more human. This weekend I plan to take it easy but delight in all that’s around me, that usually means sitting in my sun room watching all the wildlife on the deck.


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