hanging on

So many thing in this life to let go of. So many things in this life to cling to.

It’s such a long process to sort them all out. Mostly, possessions are easy. What we need, what we love, what has meaning. The rest is just stuff. Stuff that gets in our way and will swallow us whole if we let it.

Emotions are harder. Goals are tough. Dreams are excruciating. People are impossible.

And yet, we do it. We survive. We thrive. We look around us and marvel at the beauty of life. We enjoy the view even as it changes. We feel small and helpless, and then large and on top of the world, in the single span of one day. We breathe it all in, and we cough it back out.

We hang on to this rollercoaster ride of a life, gasping for air and letting out screams and laughing like crazy. We bump against each other and realize that we’re all in the same amusement park. Some of us prefer the ferris wheel to the haunted house, and some of us just like to stroll around, nibbling on cotton candy.

There are nights filled with fireworks, and other nights filled with whispering moons.

Innocence and wisdom are all part of the same tree.

Each year brings deeper roots and fresh buds. New growth and fresh scars. A new chance to fly, floating gently down to earth or being carried away on a strong, cold wind.

And there’s always that barker, drawing us in once again.

Offering a seat on the merry-go-round.

Just listen to that music.



So, so beautifully said! I love the image of the roller coaster bumping us, making us scream and laugh on in the same ride. I’ve been letting go of things lately and it’s made me lighter, happier. Thanks for this post.
Catherine Denton

you are amazing …
sitting here, hanging on how exquisitely you have woven your words, yet again, speaking so truly and deeply …
doing a long sigh and giving thanks for your wonderful wisdom and how you share so freely …
thanks, kelly : )
this past weekend was a bit miraculous in that four girls (k, women) … myself and three others who were very tightly knit in high school, should by crazy coincidence have a chance to get together. two live half the country away, one i hadn’t seen in 30, nearly 40 years … reconnecting and listening to everyone’s life ‘in the amusement park’ and realizing how my own ride had gone since we all went our own ways was really something ~ hard to put into words. i felt like my heart had been hugged and my whole being had been wrapped in a warm, familiar blanket.
love to you, beautiful you xxo

smiles…each year the roots grow deeper…its why we go through these seasons you know….really a beautiful write….

The most true and eloquent words, the absolute most perfect timing.

{people are impossible.

And yet, we do it. We survive. We thrive. }

You can bet I’m going to be quoting this one too. Thank you for being such an inspiration. xoxo


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