every which way but up

That’s me, there in the lower left corner, trying to grow straight up, but somehow I keep bending in the wrong direction, following the wrong ray of light, moving around when I should move forward.

This has been a crazy year, and it just keeps getting crazier. This week, after just starting to heal from my knee surgery, we found out that my husband has a hernia, and now he needs surgery. And it is scheduled for two days before our next jewelry show! See, I told you, crazy.

So here I am, taking another little detour on this road that is life.

But in the big scheme of things, that’s all it is, a little detour. A hurdle that I can clear, with enough deep breaths and super-careful time management and a whole lot of hope.

My path may be filled with zig-zags and rocks and obstacles, but I’m just going to keep on walking, and one of these days, soon, I’m going to break into a run that will make it ever-so-much easier to fly right over those hurdles.


p.s.: I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for visiting, commenting, supporting. It really does mean a lot. Lately, time has not allowed me to respond or visit or thank you enough, but I do, thank you, from my heart. xoxo


This is a wonderful way to describe how life IS…how we bend and twist and lean and that no matter what it brings us, we keep growing anyway. Wishing you husband much success with his surgery. Hernias are so painful!!! Find time to enjoy this weekend!

I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, hope his surgery goes well and that he recovers quickly. Are you still going to do the show?

Hey, apparently the universe didn’t get the message to slow things up in your house for awhile. How thoughtless! Lol really though, you are right, just a speed bump … Hope you’re exercising that knee and getting ready for your next marathon! ;D

Yes, yes, yes. Keep turning this way & that, following the sun. And looking forward to the day we hear about you breaking into a run. 🙂
Best of healing love to your husband. <3

You’re definitely not growing to the wrong light. All good thoughts coming your way.

Ditto Becky. The light is exactly right. xoxo

I always like to come here, so THANK YOU for being here

I guess that’s the story of life..and of living. Filled with bumps and potholes and detours. Great to hear you’re on the mend..sorry to hear about your husband. If it’s not one’s another…

I am sorry to hear about your husband, and I hope all goes well for him. You have a fantastic attitude, and you cannot go wrong with that!

great attitude strong lady .. love that photo metaphor


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