curiouser and curiouser

They say curiosity killed the cat. And I guess I know what they mean, but that same curiosity is one of the things I love best about cats.

They have the ability to be easily amused. I like that. Whether it’s watching a spider climb the sides of a bucket, or taking a long nap in the sun, a cat is never bored.

A cat sees the world as its playground, there is always something that needs exploring or close observation, always something to get excited about.

The world is filled with new things every day, but most of the time we are just too busy to notice them. Or we take them for granted. Or they don’t seem important enough to garner our attention.

Today I am going to remind myself to view the world through cat’s eyes.

And if I’m lucky, I may just end up with a cheshire cat smile

that will light my way through the night.


as long as there are no worms in that bucket 🙂

I know exactly what you mean, I often wonder what life would be like as a cat.

I think if we stop being curious, life becomes boring. Life should be an adventure whenever you can make it one! You only go around once, so be curious!

Love this perspective! What a great reminder to remember to look at the world with such curiosity and fresh awareness!

Curiosity is what keeps us young and life interesting.

cute thoughts, mmmmmmmmm
a cat is the best pet from my perspective, I wonder the same as you do. thanks for the inspiring words.

bless your Wednesday.

yes, I must often remind myself to take time to slow down and really see the details, the beauty in the everyday.
I love your photo, lovely processing

When I left work Monday, I was worried about leaving Lilycat to the storms. She, however, was thrilled with watching the wind.


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