coming in for a landing

I have been up in the air all week, floating around, trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense.

I wrote about George, said farewell to him, yesterday over at Mrs. Mediocrity and I have to say, it helped. Still, it has been a long week, a rough week, a not-very-much-has-been-accomplished week.

It’s been a hot one, too. Records were broken, it was 90˚at midnight last night. That’s just plain crazy.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support, it really meant a lot to me. The world truly is filled with kind, wonderful people.

We have another jewelry show coming up next weekend, a lovely show on the shore of Canandaigua Lake. I will finish getting ready for that this weekend, and try to catch up on so much of the stuff that got away from me this week.

Then we have a little break in August, some time to get ready for our biggest show of the year in September. I think I’m going to take a weekend or two to relax and pamper myself just a bit. Spend an entire Sunday reading, or puttering in my garden.

Find my way back to a place that feels right.
Or at least to the place where I am.

Because right now, I am just hovering,
up there in the corner on the right,

looking for a soft place to land.



finding your way back to the place where you are, that place that plays hide and seek better than any other place. it’s why i take images of my feet so often. the place that thought it could get away? caught. it brings back how i felt at those times, at those places, better than anything. a reminder of where i’ve stood or where i’ve lain, unable to stand. hover all you need. and stay cool.

hoping you find that soft place to land:)

We all need to take time now and then to recharge, regroup, restore ourselves. Be kind to yourself, like you say it’s been a rough time. Hope you’re husband is doing great following his surgery and will be back to help you with your future shows.

PS Super hot here today (104F), I’m done with this heat!

I know what you mean! Its been a strange transitional series of weeks and i’m not so sure where i am. I don’t like it. But it’ll pass i assume.

Let us all be your soft place to land, in all our warmth

Oh yes, take some time off. I hope that it will be restorative, that you will find that soft place to land. ♥

Oh Kelly – just keep hovering..take all the time you need to land. It’ll all be there waiting..when you do!

It has been a very hot week here also, and it makes it so hard to get anything done. I hope you are able to get some time for just you very soon.

loss is so hard .. know that I am thinking of you ..take it easy on yourself in all of you preparation , love your photo


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