light. dark.

and ten million shades in between.

just like life.

these days, i find myself drawn to both ends of the spectrum.

it’s all beautiful. all of it.

even the chill of the darkest shadow.

the light shows best when darkness stands beside it,

making that glow all the more precious.

light. dark.

and back again.


and back again….being able to do the up-and-back-around-and-through is a pleasure with you.

It’s funny that your post today is about light and dark . . . I wrote about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but feel it slipping away as my pain has increased just recently. Hoping I don’t have an infection. :0(

What a beautiful photo, and words full of truth.

i love those 10 million shades in between. sometimes it seems all we see is the light (blinding) and the dark (blinding) and we stop, afraid to move in either direction. you are right – it is all beautiful. we need to move around in it.

So beautiful …

Every single time, you take my breath away. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve starred, emailed to myself, or read and reread. This is one of them. Light & dark – such a simple concept, such a profound reaction – especially when you’re living at both ends of the spectrum.

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