bee happy

It’s not all bad, being a worker bee. There is nectar to drink, flowers to smell, sunshine to absorb.

So far, my summer has been divided between work and gardening.

Last week was a social week, time spent with two friends, followed by a weekend with two of the children and their significant others. My hermit self seems to be on vacation. And that’s okay. There are times for reflection and introspection, and times for taking it all in.

Soon, it will be time for jewelry making, getting ready for shows, more busy bee work. There is work to be done around the house, painting and sprucing up, and there are still two sections of weeds in the garden that I must tackle. But I think July is going to be a month for stopping to smell the flowers, as often as possible. There must be reading and relaxing, smiling and dancing, listening and loving.

There must be time to to simply bee.


Care to join me?





as you can imagine with a name like mine, i get a lot of “just bee” hints! nice post, kelly. as always.

It’s very hard for us worker bees to stop buzzing about; we’re always worried that our colony will collapse. I would like to give it a try; to be and not to bee.

count me in 🙂

i think august may be my month (keeping my fingers crossed), but i am keeping your words as a roadmap. you have the best words.

Oh yes …. one must make to time to simple bee! We in the midst of some construction so quietness has to be found out on the water!

After 30 years of hectic corporate, every day I try to bee!! So count me in!

Lovely capture.

luv this! wonderful capture and processing!

love the capture …
love the narrative!

Beautiful work.

Oh, how I wish I could just be but the work goes on. Give me ten more years… But I do love the sight of a bee. Makes me hopeful for my garden.


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