april showers

It was better than a snow globe. Actually, it was exactly what I imagine being inside a snow globe would be like. The biggest snowflakes I have ever seen in my life, mixed with Spring’s fresh greens and a grey-backed sky. It only lasted about 15 minutes, those giant flakes melting as soon as they touched the ground, but I stood outside and enjoyed the magic.

I spent the morning planting seeds, one of my favorite parts of gardening. Planting seeds is such an act of faith, of hope. And surprisingly, one that almost always pays off.

Spring still can’t decide who it wants to be. Winter and summer are playing monkey-in-the-middle with it. I haven’t thought of that game in years.

April is the month of change. I like that. I’m ready for one.

Ready to deep clean and discard, pare down and move forward. Both literally and metaphorically.

Caught in the cycle, once again. Learning to enjoy it, the ebb and flow, the warmth and cold, the darkness and the light.

Seeking out the magical moments.

Stepping outside. Listening to the sound of those giant flakes as they hit the ground.

Breathing in the scent of winter’s tears.



Wishing you a week filled with magic.




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Just when you thought you were done with winter . . . . how crazy is that.

Love that line “breathing in the scent of winter’s tears!” And that photo is just awesome! Love coming here!

I don’t know which part of this I like the most…all of it really. Monkey in the middle – how you describe winter and summer — brilliant! Being in a snow globe…the poetry of your prose! And as for those snowflakes…we had freezing rain for about 15 minutes…crazy month of April!

It’s the same here snow, then rain and sun. But I look forward to warmer days.

It does look like a snow globe. I can remember when I lived in Chicago many years ago – we could usually count on at least one good snow in April.

this is such a beautiful post. Visiting from KK TT

“The scent of winter’s tears’ – so beautifully said. Yes – we are definitely flirting of in between winter and spring.

Spring still can’t decide who it wants to be. Winter and summer are playing monkey-in-the-middle with it.

Love that. What a perfect description of the season. And wow on that photo and having the snow!


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