and there it is again

that chilly whisper in the breeze reminding us that winter will soon come a calling. Golden leaves cling to branches as they shiver in the cold. It’s getting dark outside much earlier.

Another shift, another season, another year. So much of life seems to be spent in the constant realignment and readjustment to these shifts as they happen. Some days, some months, some years, they are large and noticeable, we have to stop and steady ourselves until they pass. Other times, they barely register and we walk through them without even realizing it.

I love these shifts, and I am forever reminding myself to pay attention, to notice them, even when I am being pulled in other directions. Looking up, around, feeling the wind on my face. Rustling through the leaves in the path I walk along just so I can hear their crunchy song. Enjoying the long slant of the afternoon sun as it pours through a window. Simple pleasures.

It seems like it shouldn’t be so hard to do, this living in the moment. But often, it manages to elude me.

I’m getting better at it though. Remembering to pause, to breathe, to observe.

And perhaps more importantly, to enjoy it when I do.



I’ve noticed the shift recently too . . . winter will soon be knocking on our door.

I’ve gotten better at this as I’ve grown older … guess I figure there is less time to waste!

your shifts – at least the shifts toward cooler – occur so much earlier than mine – and you DO notice, even on those hustle bustle days. you write about it so beautifully, you show it so gorgeously, that i feel i am visiting. i can feel your chill even while i sit here in my own warmer place with the front door open. i thank you for that.

You brightened my day!

We are noticing the shift here too. Those leaves are delightful 🙂

I keep thinking time is moving faster and faster – I can’t keep up and yet I love the fresh start a new season brings.


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