almost everything

at my center, at my core
is a place that reminisces
about things that were
and things that weren’t
and things that might have been.

and the questions it asks
are hard and troubled and
happy and giddy and
someday I might
just answer them all,
in my heart
and in my head and
maybe even on paper.

my dreams are no different
than anyone else’s
yet still, they are mine.

my head is round and
filled with thoughts,
thoughts like yours.
my heart beats and beats,
just like yours,
but whispers secrets
that only we can share.

and my eyes,
they look out and see you,
but they cannot look out
and see me.



you stopped me still in my tracks with this image …
utterly fantastic!!!
seriously love this work ~ your composition ~ your processing … everything … perfect!

mmmmm … and love your words completely …
truly touch me to the center in the kindest, gentlest way …
‘my dreams are no different than anyone else’s yet still, they are mine’
‘and my eyes, they look out and see you, but they can not look out and see me.’
what a beautiful and thoughtful way to start my day …
thank you …
ps. i was giggling because i was commenting on kim’s 2bbb posting at the same time you were! thanks always SO much for your awesome comments … 😀

thank you, so much! and I so love visiting 2bbb, it is always beautiful there.

Kelly, last night there was a heavy storm here where I live. I woke up this morning and the sun was shining again. I came here to visit you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem, for adding another ray of beauty to the day. I see you, an inspiring, talented, and brave woman. -Mia

Mia, thank you. Your kind words always add beauty to my day as well.

Remember what I said I wanted for Christmas. You blow me away!!!!

A very inspirational thought provoking poem. Reading it this morning makes me want to silence the inner critic so my dreams can come forward today. Lovely post, thank you.

Absolutely the best!! The picture is gorgeous (oh, soooo ‘my style’!) and the poem is one to keep close to my heart, close to my bed, close to me… – always! PS: I love your header, and the design of your www. Aren’t we all doing a great job under the soft wings of Kelly Rae? Can’t wait to be a regular visitor of your site :). See Ya!

So true..and so beautifully penned. Seeing into ourselves is often that hardest part.

love love love. peace in my heart, yet I still cannot “see me” but love to read your words! thank you xo


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