on getting a grip

These are the tools of my trade. I make my living with them.

They’ve looked better, They’ve also looked worse. They create, draw, type, shape, craft. All day long they make something from nothing. I work them hard, poor things.

I design. I craft. I write. I draw. I envision. This is what I do, this is who I am.

Yet it occured to me very recently that rarely do I think of myself as an Artist.

I work full-time as a graphic artist, almost full-time as a jewelry designer, I write poetry, I garden. In short, I live a life filled with creativity. So why don’t I call myself an artist? I think that’s the question I am here to explore.

I love my job(s). As jobs go, they are both, well, fun. I am lucky in that respect. It is hard to find work you enjoy. But I seem to have reached a place in my life where I need something more. I need inspiration. Community. Room to grow. I need to allow myself to think more like an artist so that I can allow myself to be an artist. I need to live an artful life.

You would think that since I make my living creating things that I would already be living an artful life. But it hasn’t felt that way in a while. I feel like I have just been… going about my business. Running a business takes a lot of energy. There is stress. And sometimes these things get in the way of what I need—time, space, and spirit—to create. To breathe art in. Not just spew it out. To absorb life. To spend time each day on my passion.

Balance. I need balance. I have two hands. They’ve brought me this far.

I hope they’ll catch me if I fall.


I thought I’d give a look see at your first post. Very insightful. It resonates with me. It will be one year this May that I started my blog. However…I had to step back a little. Finding balance is something I wrote about too. I hope you’ll find time to visit and see my post “Finding the Balance”. I’d love to know what you think {smiling}


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