beads and butterflies

It all started about six years ago when my niece showed me how to make a memory wire bracelet. I was hooked, and immediately went out and started what has since become an extensive (way too extensive) bead collection.

I love beads. I have lots of them—I mean lots. Sometimes I think I should sort through them and sell the ones I don’t use. But when I try to do that I always find one reason or another to keep those and then those, and oh, I might need those! and then I am right back where I started…too many beads.

I am especially fond of artisan lampwork, and while my original plan was to learn that craft, things ended up going in a bit of a different direction. I still love and work with artisan lampwork—so many amazing artists out there!—and I am constantly perusing sites like ebay and etsy for fabulous beads. I love playing with color, finding that perfect combination.

Several years ago I actually did take a beginner’s lampwork class and managed to make one, just one, solid color bead that was not wonky. (The other twelve were decidedly so). But okay, I made one. And I planned to go back and learn more, truly I did.

But somewhere in between there and here, I took a precious metal clay class. My life, and my jewelry, haven’t been the same since! Now I divide my jewelry-making time between beautiful art glass bracelets and precious metal clay, and more precious metal clay and more well, you get the picture.

It is messy work. There is dust everywhere. My fingernails will never be the same. But hey, it’s all for the cause.

Because who doesn’t love beautiful, shiny things? Especially when they start out as a little lump of clay. It’s kind of like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly… right before my eyes.

Beautiful. And really, really cool.

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