With the exception of lunch with my family, I spent the entire day outside yesterday, reading and relaxing. It was a much-needed, beautiful thing. The weather was perfect, sunny and just the right temperature.

I read a book from start to finish (Flora by Gail Godwin), took lots of photos, and spent lots of time petting naughty kitten.

I didn’t need to turn any music on, there were birds serenading me all day long, and in between, the silence was soothing.

I should have been working in the garden. In truth, I should have been working on the million things that need doing in my life, but some days, you just have step back and rejuvenate. Without guilt.

Eventually I packed up my book and my notebook and my camera and my phone and brought everything back inside. And then I walked back out to sit and listen to the birds sing the sun to bed for the night.

A few minutes later, a dragonfly landed on my knee with a little tickle. He stayed there for at least a minute, having a rest or saying hello, or perhaps sending a message. A reminder to stop and slow down a little. It feels like it’s not always possible, but it is always necessary. And so worth it.

Quite literally, yesterday I stopped to smell the flowers. Roses and peonies, the peppery smell of lupine, and the sweet scent of these blooms on the ninebark bushes that the honeybees are mad for.

The perfume of life.

Breathe it in. Take it with you.

Reach for the light.


Wishing you a week filled with hope.





and leave your phone in the house!

Singing the sun to bed, I love that line 🙂


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