a bit fuzzy around the edges

I think (though I am afraid to say it out loud) that my cold is starting to fade a bit, and either way, I have no more time to lounge on the couch. I forced myself to do just that all weekend, reading and watching movies and exclaiming out loud about the decline of quality television.

Then again, perhaps that phrase is an oxymoron.

I did make it outside on Saturday night to get a peek at the moon, which was most definitely worth the effort it took to get up off the couch.

I cannot believe it is October, it seemed that September went by in a blink. It has been a very cool autumn already, and the leaves are changing, apples are ripening, pumpkins are popping up everywhere.

There is a giant pile of wood in the driveway just now, waiting to be stacked. This is a chore only made bearable by picturing the fires I will sit before all winter.

There are two November shows to get ready for, which makes me think about the holidays.

There is work to do in the garden, putting it to bed for the winter.

I’m not ready to do that just yet, but soon, very soon.

Until then, I’ll make sure to enjoy the evening light, the changing palette, the crisp smells of the season that always seems too short.




So glad you are feeling better!



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