winter white, window light


Fighting February, this month of grey and hibernation.

Cocooning. Books and blazing fires, comfort food and cozy nights.

It’s a cycle that circles and holds me in its pattern

and I come to understand that I am the weaver,

this tapestry is never finished,

there is always dark then light,

black then white,

then color, color, color.



I fill the days with tasks and time

and the nights

with dreaming.


In the mornings, my hands are always empty.





Mmmmmm. I feel my shoulders relax while reading this.

I was going back through my blog deleting some old posts the other day and I realized that there’s a pattern. January and February always leave me feeling down in the dumps, uninspired and cold. Longing for sunshine.

What a beautiful way to fill your days and nights. Just lovely ~

gray days, a complete lack of light.

oh my goodness, you have an absolutely beautiful blog! Your writing and your photos are stunning.

I’m wishing for the light and warmth to come. I’m definitely not my best in these cold gray months.

Wishing you brighter days. ♥

Exquisite, tender, balance as we bide our time through winter.


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