She never once looked in a mirror.
Never recognized her own beauty.
Never thanked the bees for their kisses.

She only had eyes for the sun.

He came and he went, barely noticing her presence.
He spread his light and warmth all around,
ambivalent, benevolent.

He never played favorites.
He warmed her heart with whispers of tomorrow.
He was always on time.

Each day, she grew taller, reaching for him.

One day he did not come.
The sky was covered in a blanket of gray,
so sad that it cried.

She saw herself for the first time,
a reflection in a drop of rain,
thirst quenched.

She knew then what she needed.


Ahh, back to beautiful, beautiful words. Love this little tale of awakening. And PS – I always think of the sun as a she. Also the moon. When you began to talk of he, I thought “who he”? 🙂

This is just beautiful.

What a beautiful post and the story it tells. I was captivated.

Kelly!!! I love you!! 🙂

Your words and images are beautiful. Thank you.

heartbreaking and lovely. i am speechless and breathless. ♥

Love this, Kelly! Reminds me of a recent post I did where I saw ME reflected in a raindrop clinging to a flower!!

beautiful ~

Ditto to all the above !!!

This is so beautiful! I love it!

Kelly, love how you capture the moment and the possibilities that awakened with each line of your poem. Thanks so much for bringing beauty to our day. -Mia

what wonderful wordplay! love it!

kelly the bloom and words are intwined

Absolutely gorgeous image and the words touch my heart. Thanks Kelly!

I love it that it took me a while to ‘get it’…I always just want the sun and I never understand why we need the rain–until we ‘get it’–lovely.

This is just enough; just enough to express the ineffable.

incredible i love this post amazing


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