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It’s hard not to feel happy when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and spring is in the air, offering a peek at summer just around the corner.

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately, partly because I have been reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, and partly because of things I have learned and experienced through, a site that my brother and his wife started last year.

And I have discovered, in the past six months or so that I’ve been thinking about happiness, that it actually is something you can learn to do, to be, it is something you can accomplish.

I used to think it was a state of mind, now I am understanding that is is a way of life. It is a choice.

Happiness doesn’t happen to you, it comes from within. It is something that you can acquire, through work and attitude and by opening yourself up to it. It isn’t an external force that you have no control over.

And I’m not talking about being a bubbly, happy go lucky with nary a care in the world kind of happiness. I’m talking about feeling content. With your life, with who you are, with how you behave. It’s about being true to yourself, living in the moment, appreciating the humanness of others. It’s about loving the fact that you’re alive.

For me, creativity plays a major role in my happiness, it always has. It’s something that makes me unhappy if I don’t do it. It’s something I can’t NOT do. The past few months, since starting my blogs, have been a flurry of creativity for me. Writing again, creating images, photography. It has all kept me insanely busy. But I am happy busy. I am doing things that I love. I am meeting wonderful people.

Happiness isn’t just sunshine and kittens and balloons and special occasions. Happiness is savoring my first cup of tea in the morning. A long run that leaves me feeling exhilarated. A bouquet of lilacs picked from my garden. Pizza night with my family every Friday. A hug from a friend, or my husband, or my son. A word of encouragement from someone I admire.

Simple, ordinary things. That I have the presence of mind to appreciate.

That’s what makes me happy.


What a wonderful blog! you speak of exactly the kind of thing we are hoping to share with the entire world. You wrote: “Happiness doesn’t happen to you, it comes from within. It is something that you can acquire, through work and attitude and by opening yourself up to it. It isn’t an external force that you have no control over.”

And inside I’m going: “YES! YES! That’s IT! That’s what we want everyone to understand and practice!”

You’re doing such a fabulous job with The Blue Muse–both the blog and the jewelry. The passion and the love of what you are doing shines through in every post and every pic.

Kudos, and thanks so much for your kindness.


truly, truly…*sigh*…it is such sweet joy to be in perfect rest…contentment. happy night:)


It is so true. Happiness is a choice. Have a wonderful and empowering week.


I’ll second all of that!!
Choose happiness. It IS a choice!!!

thank you for this post. as always, your words are beautiful.

i find it, i lose it, off i go searching again for clues as to how to bring out from within.


Your work is so beautiful!! As a photographer myself, I love to see others peoples work cause they feed my creative eye. Your work is very much like mine, I love flowers and the close up’s of theme as well. I also love old cemeteries angels and statues! They have such a beauty. Keep that wonderful work going and the positive words that may be someones sudden inspiration in LIFE!. Is very true, HAPPINES is what you make it, no one can’t take it or give it, you just need to welcome it to your heart…Laz


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