these four walls

I spend a lot of my time in one room. I work in this room, I create in this room. I surf the net in this room. It’s not a large room, it’s actually quite small. My studio, this room, is always somewhat cluttered. I am a messy desk kind of person, I like to spread things out so I can see them. But it’s a good kind of mess, the mess that happens when you are creating.

Last year I remodeled my studio to make it a more pleasant place to spend time in. I bought lots of cupboards because I never seemed to have enough storage. I bought a new rug to keep my toes warm in winter. I finally had the Matisse print that I call  “my blue muse” framed, and now it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. And I love my room, these four walls that are my walls, my creativity container, if you will.

I’m glad I have this space, with these walls that contain my thoughts and musings, even as they let them soar. I love that I can get out of bed, head to the kitchen for a cup of tea, and be in my studio, working, five minutes after I wake up. I love that my garden sits just outside the window. I love that this is the only room in the house that’s painted yellow.

I don’t feel confined by these four walls, I feel enlivened. They are my blank canvas, my empty cup, these unstrung jewels.

Since I work at home, of course I need a space like this, it is a requirement.
But I know that I would want a space like this no matter what.

A place of one’s own.

A place to let me, out.


Oh GOD how I wish I had a studio. Its that isn’t it. A place to be yourself, to let yourself come out and make a mess and not have to tidy it up (if you want… ok, I am messy, I like my messes!)And I dunno, put what inspires me up all over the walls, and just to be able to go there, and be uninterupted and just create….. bliss…. Its my dream. Not yet a reality. But it will be one day….xx

Oh I would love to have a room of my own. With possibilities to enjoy music, books, crafts and computing.

Hello, looking forward to getting to know you more in Kelly Rae’s e-course Flying Lessons!

Ciao for now 🙂

{blog –} I know the feeling. My ‘room of my own’ ‘office’…my small piece of my own heaven – is where I live!!!

i would be lost without my studio. it’s been the best gift my parents ever gave me. literally… my dad built it for me…
i don’t know what i did without it. ‘sigh’….

love to you kelly! xxo, kim
p.s. love the image as well… really so artful!

I happen to also love this studio. It’s a comforting place to be.


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