The Sunday Paper

I am awake, the sun is shining, the garden is smiling,
the trees are growing bare.

It has been a busy week, and the next four weeks are going to be crazy,
two shows in November to get ready for, re-stocking the etsy jewelry shop, opening the etsy shop for my images.

I am getting close with that last one, my printer is in place, I am
waiting on art-grade paper and then I can proceed.

So I am here, it is Sunday, I am awake and I wonder, where to start?

So many things on my list and they all claim top priority,
they clamor and vie for my attention,
it is hard to play favorites and choose.

But choose I must, move forward I must, and I will, I will.

My main job for today will be creating a load of precious metal clay pieces,
I have to get that process going far enough in advance to allow for the
week of finishing and tumbling before I can assemble them into jewelry.

So that decision was easy, that “where to start?” has been answered.

Tomorrow, well, we will see.

For today it is enough that I am awake, the sun is shining,
the garden is smiling, and the trees are growing bare.

I must get busy now, wishing a wonderful Sunday to you…


You have a good day too, don’t over do though 🙂

glad i stopped by to see the lovely photo..opening a 2nd shop? good for are so talented!!

Here’s hoping you have a productive and creative week ahead of you.

Love your photography and your LOVELY website. I have rarely seen one so beautiful, easy to read… I am completely drawn in by it!! Kudos to the creative design and layout.

– vicki xo

PS just joined the Inspiration Studio flickr group. FUN

Oh wow…I really love this photograph! It’s gorgeous:) Will you be selling this image in your etsy shop?

well, at least you’re here. and there. shows good sense in prioritizing;)

there’s nothing like a great fairy godmother. you sound like you are on fire!!! 🙂 good luck! i know it will all be awesome. x

you make me feel so lazy . . .

oh kelly… you amaze…this image…EXTRAORDINARY…once again. xxo, kim


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