the meandering melody of life

It’s time to start putting the garden to bed. Time to think about breaking out the winter clothes, packing up the sundresses and shorts. Time to think about pulling out the autumn decorations.

There will be two jewelry shows in November, and from there, time will fill in the rest as it zooms toward this year’s finish line.

And so, I must steal moments from October, both to prepare and to revel. Simple moments. Paying attention to things I shouldn’t miss. A leaf spinning down to earth in the grand dance of release. Monkshood outside my studio window, finally in bloom. A trip to the mountains filled with orange and brown and russet against a sky of blue. (at least I hope it will be blue.)

And in between those moments, chores. Painting to be finished. A new chair cover to sew. Windows to wash and outdoor furniture to put away.

Life, life, life… laid out in tiny squares on a calendar.

Each moment is precious, even those spent doing what needs to be done.

Reminding myself to whistle while I work. Or at the very least, sing.

Look up, look out, stand still and breathe it all in.








October is full of moments to steal, but it does fly by. (The rest of the year flies by!) A trip to the mountains sounds fabulous and soul-restoring. Tiny squares empty of everything but autumn colors. I like that.


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