surprise, surprise

I went out to take pictures of the first roses of the year, and look who I found when I stuck my nose into this gorgeous-smelling rugosa?

I hope you’re not squeamish about spiders. If so, my apologies.

I’m not, I actually kind of like them, especially this kind, the garden spider. This is only the second time I have ever seen a white one, a few years ago I had a huge one living in my monkshood, white with light pink stripes. I thought she was beautiful.

This one was rather shy, he kept moving away as I got closer to take his photo, but finally after about 50 shots, he sat still and posed for me.

And somehow, I saw that other one as a girl, and this one as a boy. Go figure.

My weekend is beginning today. This is always my big gardening weekend, in my zone, this is pretty much when it becomes safe to plant without worry of frost, and then it is a race to beat the planting clock.

It is sunny and hot and I plan to spend the entire weekend, except for sleeping, out in the garden.

I probably won’t be able to walk on Monday, but it will be worth it.


Wishing you a fabulous weekend filled with surprises.

(And if you are afraid of them, I hope they won’t be spiders.)


Now that would be a surprise!!! A snoot full of spider!!! hee!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend Kelly. We had our long weekend last week and it was glorious!

Spiders freak me out but intrigue me at the same time. I was out taking Ravyn for a walk the other night and there was a super huge one that looked just like a taranchula except it was brown all over. When it started climbing Ravyn’s leg I completely freaked out. Never seen a white spider like that before. Enjoy your gardening.

A white spider! How cool is that! Enjoy your gardening but also take time to take a nap!

I put my garden in this weekend too only it’s been in between rain showers for me. Love the photo!


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