stars and starts

I stand in one place, in this place I have lived
for more than twenty some years.

But my view of life, it keeps changing.

The ground shifts beneath me ever so slightly,
I see stars for the very first time.

I keep learning new things, singing new songs,
trying on all these new clothes.

I adorn the outside, the presence you see,
and let the inside run around naked.

I like it that way, these thoughts that run wild,
no constraints, no pauses, no censor.

I can sing to myself whenever I wish
with no one to say I’m off tune.

I can dance round the rooms in the ranch of my mind
and no one can peek in the windows.

I can shiver when darkness crosses my brain,
let it pass and go on its way.

My feet have these roots as I stand in this place.

But my mind it keeps wandering, free.


i love the words… and honestly this image!! wow… it takes my breath away….

hugs to you….xxo, kim


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