simple traditions

life gets so complicated. busy, crazy, overwhelming.

the simple things keep me sane, through pattern and repetition
become my traditions, grounding forces in my life,
little habits that soothe and comfort.

tea in the morning as i stroll through my garden.

cooking dinner with my husband, he grills while i cook vegetables.

a snuggle with a cat, soft fur and purring.

cinnamon toast before bed every night.

a good book and a quiet night on the couch.

planting old-fashioned flowers i started from seed.

letting my dog take the lead on a walk around the block.

watering my garden and watching dragonflies dance in the mist.

spending time with my family with food, love, and laughter.

sitting by a fire, outside in summer, inside in winter.

five words in a gratitude journal.

simple things.

traditions that make up a life.

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I love your textured images would like to know how to make them 🙂

That sounds like a very balanced & beautiful life! Kudos!

saw your creative sunday photo, love your blog and photos

a list that can bring you away from that overwhelmed and crazy feeling…and WOW what a stunning photo

Beautiful photo . . . I have to stop every once in a while to really appreciate the simple things.

Like you its nose nuzzles and the contented purr of my cats.

My husbands goodbye kiss in morning and a warm hug as he walks in the door in the evening.

A moonlit night where the moon luminates the sky.

Cake . . . what can I say I have a sweet tooth.

The sun on my face, the wind in my hair . . . .

For some reason I don’t picture your life as crazy or you being overwelmed. Everytime I visit your blog..there is such a sense of calm and so much beautiful wisdom that I experience here.
Cinnamon toast…yum.

Love reading your posts. This one made me smile as I thought about all my small daily rituals that make up my life. Thanks for making me remember to recognize the small moments that add up to the wondrous.

I saw your photo over at the sunday creative…I love it! Your post was beautiful as well!

LOL I love how you’re advertising a giveaway for SILVER earrings with a B&W theme for You Capture. Kinda funny how that worked out, huh?

Beautiful shot!

That photo is just gorgeous!!

What a great editing job!

what a GREAT shot…LOVE your editing. I must learn how to apply textures. Totally frame worthy!


SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL! I love your edits!

This is so beautiful! Great job!

very lovely the picture and the writing!!!

that is a beautiful image, in a beautiful post! 🙂

beautiful image and a post that i truly ADORE. love every morsel!

you are AWESOME!


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