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It’s been years since I planted Jasmine Tobacco, and I’d almost forgotten how fabulous it smells. Two nights ago I sat outside late, to watch the meteor shower, and I have to say that the fragrance of these flowers added much to the show. I also realized that I don’t sit outside late at night often enough. Oh sure, I walk out there pretty often, to take the dog out or look at the moon, but I don’t sit for long periods of time with my face turned up to the heavens.

A new goal for the rest of summer.

The air has changed, already, autumn creeping in on subtle tiptoes. It’s been a fairly cool summer here, and we’ve had our fair share of glorious weather.

I have young hummingbirds visiting the feeder, still a bit fuzzy and all cute and funny. Another gift from the summer of smiles.

It’s Friday and I’m going to pull out the reclining lawn chair that’s been forgotten in the basement. I have a sky to watch tonight, wishes to make, jasmine to inhale, and life to embrace.

And I’ll be counting my blessings like stars.


Wishing you a weekend filled with smiles.







I wish I could sit outside in the evenings more, there’s something magical about that time. Trouble is my allergies kick in, they’re particularly bad here and the mosi’s eat me alive. Enjoy the evening, the moon and stars. Have a great weekend.


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