this veil that drops down before me
i hide in its folds with a smile
you cannot see my eyes,
though my view of you is unhindered.

that is the way if it, this life
one of us has to stand naked,
you want it to be me this time
and you undress me with your eyes.

but the choice was made long before us
in a moment when two souls were born,
now we both stand here in this moment
always everything but present.

and i hold your heart in my hands
while you put mine in your pocket.

::     ::     ::

this post is part of one word wednesday over at jillsy girl


what profound words for a wedding day…so lovely.

Beautiful post, you really have a gift.

Wonderful poem. I love it.

I also got distracted by your reading list, very nice group of books, I’ve read something by Lily King-will have to go look for that one.

Absolutely beautiful! I love it!

So beautiful! Make me keep hoping my match is out there somewhere.

this is beautiful. i keep meaning to join you, but every single week wednesday sneaks up on me. maybe you can help remember next week? i mean, since you don’t have anything else to do;)

You have such a gift with words. Terrific!!!


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