I woke up to a mess today, a winter wonderland that looked pretty, but was in fact, doing lots of damage.

Tree branches have broken under the weight of heavy snow piled on top of leaves popped out too early, climbing rose bushes have toppled to the ground, lilacs are bent and buried, and underneath the snow, the yard is flooded.

I have been out twice already to knock snow off branches that are groaning from this weight they cannot bear. Ugh.

Mother Nature comes to call once again, and all we can do is clean up when she is through with us.

So far, at least I still have power, there are many who do not. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

My naughty kitten went outside and came back thirty seconds later with a poor sparrow in his mouth. No doubt the little bird was too distracted by his search for food in this weather to notice the presence of a cat.

All in all, not the best way to start a week.

Here’s hoping it gets better from here.



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Such a sad way to begin the week…all we can do is “cope”. Here’s to a better week ahead. xo

You got the “winter storm warning” that was forecast for Buffalo. So sorry to hear of the damage!! I was bracing for it, determined to brush snow off trees all day, but it turned out to be just a snow-globe day with no damage.

Praying the lilacs bounce back!!

this feels so immediate. wrong word. it feels now. and it starts with the image, the weight of snow, of mother nature. and the poor sparrow. oh my. monday monday. sending hopes your power DOES stay on. xoxo

great shot! in my part of the country, you’ll take moisture anyway you can get it, even with all it’s inconveniences!

You mood comes through perfect with in your image. Snow in April…. just not right. Hope you have power.

Sorry your weeks isn’t starting off too well. At least you were able to capture something beautiful despite all of the mess. I love the warm tones within your image even though its a picture of winter. Beautiful job and I hope your day gets better 🙂


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