on showing up

Busy work kept me busy all weekend, work I am grateful for, work that keeps me showing up despite the undeniable urge to crawl into bed and read and read and read.

The sun has been peeking out more and more often, the light is slowly changing from winter pattern to spring promise, I am still filled with more questions than answers, and life goes on.

I need to go running.  I know that part of my grumpiness would be cured by that. It was too cold for me this weekend, only in the 20s, but perhaps this week will offer the chance.

And I am grateful for grocery store flowers.

They also keep showing up, small bunches of spring that I can’t pass by, and I feel lucky that these days they are so affordable.

I am here, I am busy, I have flowers, and outside, the wind is howling.


I am here, I am busy, and I have flowers.

That will be enough.


We are always grateful to see you showing up; can’t pass it by.

Indeed! Tulips are my favorite. I’m so looking forward to taking tons of flower/plant pictures outside with my new camera once Spring arrives in all her glory.


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