making do

I wrote this, with paper and pencil, earlier this morning:

I am here this morning, here, and the only sound is birdsong, coming in through the open windows. You don’t realize how loud your house is until the electricity goes off, it actually woke me up, that sudden silence. Fans, air purifiers, appliances that hum, all the white noise that we tune out and forget about until it stops.

As I write this, all I hear are birds and the scratch of pencil on paper. What a wonderful, hypnotic sound. So peaceful, sitting here writing this way, not on a keyboard. I should do this more often, just me and a pencil and an open notebook. Before I started my blogs I always wrote this way. But with tea.

I am missing my tea desperately right now. I listen to the scratch scratch of my pencil, I listen to robins, chickadees, cardinals, the mockingbird, and the loud rumble of a hummingbird at the feeder just outside my window.

I should unplug more often, I know this, find the peace that comes with less. I should let my mind rest, my ears, my senses. So much of the time it is all on overload. This morning, that rest has been forced upon me, a gift. An hour of silence I would not have experienced otherwise.

I wonder if I could heat water for tea with a candle.

I wonder how much work it was, in the days before electricity, to get up and make tea, or coffee. It was not quick and easy, it was never there, waiting, the way coffee is for my husband every morning.

That tea, my first cup, is going to taste especially good today.

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit here and enjoy the silence.


Lovely post. Thank your for the reminder to appreciate the silence that is available as the sun rises. Tea sounds like the perfect addition to your writing this morning.

Often – I teasingly play with the idea of coming completely unplugged. What a gift!!!

oh kelly … it is so true … we all need to ‘make do’ more often …

what a beautiful post ~ your words so perfect, i felt like i was right there listening to just those few precious sounds …


and your image is gorgeous and serene as well …

prairiegirl xo

ps. you won’t believe it! a bit of sunshine this late afternoon!
thanks for your sweet comments always … 🙂

This is so beautiful. I almost could imagine the birds, the pencil, the thought of the tea. So calming–just to read this. I really felt connected to each word you wrote. Loved it.


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