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It is almost February, at last. I have to say that I am glad to see it come, the month of hearts and flowers, after this month that has hovered, continually, in shades of grey. I have never had a problem with January before, but this year, I shall be glad to say goodbye to it.

It’s funny the way we think of time, as if a new month really makes a difference, just because it is called a different name. The way Friday is a better day than Tuesday, the way seven o’clock seems more optimistic than eleven.

What if we didn’t mark the passing of time? What if a year or a month or a day never came to end, what if it all just flowed continuously? I wonder how this would change our thinking, if it would change what we accomplish in a day or a month or a year. How would we chart our to-do lists, our calendars, our plans?

How would we keep track of the time that has passed, the years our children were born, the day we were married, the first time our heart was broken? We know that tomorrow never comes. But what if it were all just one long today? What if we didn’t mark it out in 24-hour spans, sunrises and sunsets, sleeps and awakenings? What if it all just went on and on before us? It’s hard to imagine how this would change the way we live.

I always feel like I am running out of time, there is never enough of it in which to do all the things I need or want to do. But what if I simply removed the deadline? What would happen then? Would I relax more, do less, accomplish nothing? I am definitely the kind of person who is driven by deadlines. I am not a do-it-ahead-of-time kind of girl. Often, I wish I was like that, and it is not that I don’t see the value in doing things ahead of time, it is usually more that there are three or five or ten other things that need doing before the ones coming up in the future.

Then I start to think of the time I waste, which of course, then makes me wonder if that is even a valid phrase. Is there such a thing as wasted time? Isn’t doing nothing, or the illusion of doing nothing, still time spent doing something? Even if it’s nothing?

Okay, now I am starting to confuse myself.

A flower doesn’t know what day it is, what hour, what week. A flower doesn’t try to spend its time like currency, opening its blooms as quickly as possible so it will have more time to relax, or set seed. A flower drinks up the rain and turns its face towards the sun.

A flower never wastes one bit of energy worrying about whether or not the sun will rise, or whether someone will pluck it from the garden, or trample it to the ground.

A flower just keeps on growing.


This post touches my heart. This is a subject of many long talks in my home…I am the flower of our family…and everyone else…
….tick tock tick tocktick tock

once again, you make me think. this makes me think of cats and daylight savings time, how it never affects them, they want to be fed an hour too early or an hour too late, or they wake you up at the “wrong” time, they still being on normal cat time. i will need to re-read this. lots of good stuff here, ms. kelly.

a contemplation on time – sigh – how true. I love your comparison to a flower. I love it. Was once advised to think more like a frog. Thinking I prefer your suggestion. Either way – wishing for more time to just be, more time to let my muse, the angels, & ancestors visit, more time to breathe in all of the beauty around me. Thank you for this reminder.
Angels be with you.

What a lovely blog you have! Love it!

No confusion here. What you’ve shared makes perfect sense. As I gaze out my window I look at my roses at the end of their bloom and think about each day I’ve enjoyed this same activity of watching their beauty arch from bud to hip. Thank you for this reminder of the nature of time, it is the constant in our ever changing life.

I honestly don’t know which is more beautiful, the soft varigated tulip (where did you find such a beauty?) or your well-chosen words. The final two paragraphs are magic.

I love this . . . . what if indeed.

oh you always have something here to make me think. and the image… oh so beautiful!

Another beauty 🙂

It’s so true. ‘Time’ is such a difficult thing to actually ‘weigh’ and ‘count’. Such a thoughtful and interesting way of looking at it.

Oh, the times I think about the same thing…like a pet’s life. Just enjoy and not think of future or past, just current.

Great photo and processing!

Congratulations on being in the magazine “Artful Blogging”. You wrote a lovely essay for their winter issue. I am so happy for you. You deserve it since you have a lovely blog.

interesting introspection! Time is such an elusive thing. I think our artist’s souls need some time to wander, so time is never truly wasted.


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