looking forward…

The weekend was a blur… thanks so much to everyone
who came out to see us at the Christkindl Show,
we had fabulous weather and lots of fun.

Behind the scenes, I had a very sick kitten all weekend,
but he seems to be feeling much better today–
he was up to his usual antics very early this morning.

Very. Early.

After running on adrenaline and little sleep all weekend,
I am exhausted.

But looking forward.

Dawn painted a lovely new sky for me this morning,
just to remind me that all will be well.

November marches on around me in a frenzy of activity.

Today, I sit here, on my own little branch, and exhale.

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to flying.


Wishing you a Monday filled with lovely views.


Glad the show went well but sorry to hear your kitty hasn’t been well. Hopefully he’s turned a corner and is back to his good ole self. Glad you’ve found a moment to breathe even if its brief.

Glad the kitten is feeling better. Exhale 🙂

You look so beautiful and content sitting on your little branch 🙂


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