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This weekend I am going to the Adirondack Mountains, one of my favorite places in the world. Well, okay I haven’t been to that many places, but I’m pretty sure that even if I had, it would still be my favorite. Have you ever gone somewhere and just felt like you had come home? That is what happens to me, when I am there.

Years ago, I got in my car and I drove, towards Adirondack Park, but with no other destination, or plan, in mind. I left on a Friday, after work, and started driving. It was during the off-season, something I didn’t know much about, then, but I figured I would be able to find a place to stay.

I drove and I drove, and finally, after a little bit of panic because there really weren’t that many options for places to stay, I ended up in Speculator, NY. Which, with my tired eyes, I read as Spectacular. I still call it that, to this day. And I still remember that trip, alone, checking in at the Melody Lodge, spending the weekend writing poetry. I was young and my first marriage was ending and I thought, then, that I would be a poet.

It was a sad time, but also a wonderful time, there, with my words and my mountains. During the day I drove around aimlessly, exploring towns and mountains and lakes and rivers. I found a spot that felt like a private beach, and I sat there for the longest time, just staring at the water.

I’ve gone back several times, to that same spot. It still feels just the same. Like it belongs to me.

I won’t be alone this weekend, I will be with my family. But in a tiny little corner of my heart, those mountains are my home. My solitary place, my sanctuary.

I will be at peace there, nestled in the trees that rise quietly from the mountains.

There will be no television, or radio, or internet, or cell phone service.

There will just be time and thoughts and words and silence.

There will be fires and food and games and family.

And there will be all that sky,

whispering my name.


I read it as Spectacular as well! (Much better name in my opinion). We, too, are going to our weekend getaway from the big city. Water, sky, mountains and lots of fresh air…can’t get much better than that!

Enjoy your weekend!

Beautiful, Kelly. I so understand about your mountains.

Isn’t it amazing when a place evokes so much emotion within us, like we have a connection with it somehow. I have a few places like that (the Gower in Wales) and a couple of state parks that I used to visit often when I lived in CT. I miss them.

It sounds like heavan! And maybe you can sneak off with a notebook & write some poetry too!

I think we all carry places and spaces like this in our hearts. Where we find peace..and where we are truly at home. So beautifully shared!

Beautiful ~ ‘a sanctuary’ ~’Spectacular’ 🙂 don’t you just love when our minds change the words…
I have a few places like that where it feels like a huge Force field is all around keeping out ‘stuff’ , giving Peace.
Enjoy your time,enjoy the whispers.
xo jo
On this Thanksgiving weekend ( here in Canada ) I am #grateful for You & your Precious Spirit.

For me that place was Seattle. I flew in for a few hours just before I got on a cruise ship with my mom. As we rode the bus from the airport to the harbor, I turned to my mom and said I should live here. Several years later I did, for four glorious years. I still miss it and would move back in a minute if I could convince my family to go with me.

It sounds divine Kelly. Enjoy your weekend.

“home ‘she said as she tapped her red slippers together..home

It is so beautiful to have a place like that. I have the same feeling whenever I go to Yosemite – one of my most favorite places!

and that, like this post, is spectacular. and mellifluous.

oh enjoy ..i rather like the spectacular name ,,it fits

I immediately read “Spectacular” too. It must be a half full kind of response. Lovely post. Hope you had a wonderful time. Here on Jillsy’s recommendation.

I’ve had the same experience, only my place is a deserted beach…

ditto spectacular. someone made a mistake, no doubt, when they registered the name, and so the misspelled name it became on paper, but not in life. and yes, i know this feeling. for me – new orleans, the french quarter. i felt i was finally home. and years later, wimberly, tx. and also a house i once rented and still dream of. and i have to laugh, because right here below this comment box, it says “threaded commenting powered by code”. lol! the universe laughs with us!


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