happy monday!

I know, another flower shot, but this little guy is the only flower in my entire garden that has managed to poke its head up out of the ground and actually bloom. So I couldn’t resist…what a trooper!

Click on the link above to see other Best Shot Monday photos.

Watch for new etsy listings today and tomorrow… I have been working hard, Spring is getting me in the creative mood!


Oh that iris blue is a beauty! It looks like it’s been hand-painted with that vibrant yellow…

And I’m loving the look of what’s your Spring inspiration’s creating – gorgeous!

Thank you!

Hello! I came here from the FN blog and I must say you make such wonderful jewelry! I love the earrings that you gave in the giveaway 🙂

so very beautiful…both flower and jewelry 🙂

Hey! (from FN)
Your jewellry is awesome! I can’t wait for Spring and all the new collections!

came over from fn…! The minute I checked out your blog, I felt relaxed! Such lovely pictures!! I am so jealous you even have one flower blooming!!! So far my garden just has a little green here and there! No blooms!! I recieved some iris’s from my mother in law last year. I anxiously await there arrival! I checked out your etsy shop! I adore your jewelry! I really love the fossil style earrings and necklace! So simple and detailed at the same time! xoxox

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

Wow, lovely photo! I cannot wait for spring. Like, REAL spring, not this crazy, bipolar sun-one-day then rain-snow-the-next weather.

your work is beautiful! I raelly appreciate handmade jewelry and yours takes the cake!


Loving all of your work. Beautiful picture!

Lovely bead work! And your blog is so relaxing and peaceful to look at, must be a nice blues. 🙂


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