hanging on…

A flock of blackbirds this morning, filling the air with squawk and song. A lovely morning, sunny and not too chilly, making me wish I could spend the day in the garden.

I am still struggling with not feeling well, and finding it frustrating. We take our health for granted so easily. A lesson learned and forgotten and learned again. Back to the doctor I go today, for more puzzling, poking, and pondering.

But just now, I am grateful for the sunshine, these birds, this life.

These leaves that keep hanging on.

Making me look up, outside of myself, at that big expanse of sky.

The trees whisper their tale of letting go, holding on, letting go.

Time passes through bare branches

and I listen.




oh kelly ~ i am so sorry you aren’t feeling well … you are wise in your words ~ we do need to listen carefully.
sending a gentle hug ‘get well soon’ ~ i hope you find what’s up so you can get feeling better quicker than quick! take good care, little sparrow …

trees are good teachers, and shelter. sending you love and feel better vibes. xoxo

So hope they figure out what ails you … wonderful words today.


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