halfway there

I realized yesterday, after finally catching up on all my paperwork, that today marks the halfway point of 2010.

What a crazy year it has been! But also a great year, one filled with learning and creating and growing and meeting new people. Who could ask for more than that? Time slips by so quickly, but I don’t mind if that time is spent doing things I love.

I am so lucky, I spend most of my day creating something from nothing. I guess we all do that in a way, don’t we? I am an artist. Quite often a starving artist, yes, but still, I would not change what I do. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think about it, sometimes. Wouldn’t life be simpler, easier, more stable, if I just got a day job like everyone else? Probably. But I wouldn’t be happier.

It is the struggle that makes art real. You can’t get there by luck or by chance. You get there by sitting down (or standing) and doing the work. Going through the motions. Everyday.

Whether its writing or painting or photography or jewelry, you just keep doing it, plowing through, until one day something slips out that you just know is there.

It doesn’t happen every day. It doesn’t even happen most of the time. But if you don’t go through all those days when it doesn’t happen, you will never get to the place where it can happen.

Today, I am halfway there, in more ways than one. Today I am breathing in the silence of my soul and exhaling a song.

Today, I am here, in this moment.

And later, this afternoon, I might just be there.


I am SO excited to be featured today over at
Kim Klassen’s Cafe offering up my version of

The Perfect Day

I would love it if you stopped over to say hello…
Kim’s place is just wonderful, and so is she!


This is such an inspiring post, Kelly! Hard work will pay off. In many ways, you are already there! *hugs*

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mrs mediocrity. mrs mediocrity said: RT @thebluemuse: Time slips by when you do your paperwork, and also when you do what you love. halfway there, new post […]

Such a beautiful post. It’s taken me a long time to realize that it’s about the journey not the destination.

Dear Kelly,

Was at Kim Klassen’s blog and stopped by yours for the first time. Read “Halfway There” and was very moved. I am an artist who struggles with the “get a real job” syndrome. I wouldn’t be happier either. I MUST photograph and create beauty. I can’t help myself. A life without beauty is a life without hope in my opinion. I see beauty as a clue that there is something, Someone, who loves me enough to create and sustain beauty everyday.

It was so encouraging to hear someone else struggle with the same things as me. I especially loved your conclusion that the struggle is part of the creative process. Very insightful.

Also, your art is BEAUTIFUL!

Julie Legg

Julie I did not make the connection until today…
over at V&V and at are so talented and am happy to be celebrating the halfway point with you today AND feeling encouraged about the creating art process ~ elk

Such a beautiful and truthful post! Thank you!!

What a lovely post…such true and wise words.
I struggle with my work some days…somedays not so much, just like you said ….I know it’s there.
Thank you.

it’s unbelievable that we’re halfway thru the year!

i often describe myself as a starving artist/struggling musician- but i think we need to re-phrase that, don’t you!!! maybe a rising artist, an up and coming musician, i don’t know… but i do know words are powerful!

great post- thank u! 🙂

You, my dear, are an inspiration to so many….

So wisely written, you are an inspiration.

I love your post today. And your interview at with KK was great!!

Kelly this is such a beautiful and very inspiring post!! I adore days of creating something from nothing! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

Such beautiful photos and lovely words. Today is one of those perfect days where I’d love to have a studio with lots of windows and doors in the back yard so I could fling them open and create all day long and not miss the beauty.

I just started my blog, encouraged by Flying Lessons. Please pop over and say hi.

I came over from Kelly’s class. Just working my way through The list of wonderful talented artists I have met there. Your blog is beautiful. Such an inspiration. I will be back often.
If you get a chance please stop by my blog and say hi.


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