green is the new grey

Everywhere I look, there is green. Summer has finally arrived, I think, it’s been hot for the first time this year, and this weekend is supposed to be hotter. Hot being relative of course, it has been in the high 80s almost making its way to 90, but I know there are plenty of people out there dealing with crazy over 100 degree temps, whew!

I am almost ready for the Cornhill Arts Festival this weekend, and it is always hot for this one! I am hoping that it will also be sunny or at least not rainy, though we are getting to the point where we could use some rain, after the rainiest May in ages, June was one of the driest.

My favorite new necklace this year was made by pressing an actual fern into the precious metal clay to get a lovely imprint. This is a new technique I plan to keep experimenting with. I think I need to make one of these for myself!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer, things are happening so fast around here my head is spinning! Tomorrow is my husband’s surgery, and then Saturday and Sunday is our show. Fortunately we have plenty of family nearby to help take care of my husband while I am melting, er, having fun at the show.

It is going to be one crazy week, it’s a good thing I am used to crazy!


What is more beautiful: the photograph or the jewelery? A Zen koan…

Love the new jewelry designs. Hope your husband’s surgery goes well and that you rock the show. Have fun.

Your new fern necklaces look great. Hope hubby’s surgery goes fine and he recovers quickly. Wishing for your cool weather this weekend!

These are absolutely beautiful. Truly you are so talented!
Have a wonderful time at the show, and I wish your husband a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Love that new necklace – so beautiful

It all looks great again, have a good weekend already

Beautiful necklace! Ferns are one of my favorite plants. Nature printing works well with paint and fabric, too. I’ve made some lovely fern fabric that way 🙂 Happy summer to you!

Wow, gorgeous! Photo and necklace both!


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