five degrees of separation

When I woke up this morning it was 5 degrees outside. Fahrenheit.

Cold enough to keep me inside, bundled up in a great sweater, counting the hours until it’s time to light the fire. Cold enough to make me oh so glad I don’t have to venture out into the great wide world today. Cold enough even to keep naughty kitten inside.

And so, a new year, one that seems to want to freeze everything in sight, even time. And I am cocooned in this house, though I will venture out to pull some snow off the roof in the place that always leaks, to shovel outside the back door so the dog can get outside, to set some suet out for the birds, because my goodness, it’s not a good day to be a bird.

There is work to do before I can snuggle up next to the fire, but these are the days of winter that I love. The early days before cabin fever sets in, the days when it feels like a treat to be snowed in. Of course, the novelty of this wears off fairly quickly, and by next month, I will begin complaining, yearning for green, and the days when you can walk outside unencumbered by coats and hats and gloves.

But for now, I’m enjoying the silence. The white blanket that keeps getting heavier. The frost coating every window in the house.

Winter is a cold, cold friend who almost always overstays her welcome, but she’s a beauty all the same.

She holds the fury of the night and the patience of forever.

She might even melt your heart, a little.

But watch out for your fingers.





Kelly you put into words my feelings about winter right now…with -32 windchills and a foot of fresh snow, the landscape is breathtaking…but as you so eloquently say the white will soon blur our eyes and we will have cabin fever longing for other colors especially green!

stay off the ladder!

i can only imagine. but i can hear the lovely silence.

Beautifully said, all so true. Bitter cold here at -5! Something beautiful about it … probably since I don’t have to go out into it. Stay warm, my friend.

just beautiful. so perfectly put.
we went from -33 c yesterday ~ crisp n cold but so sunny and bright … to -9 this morning ~ balmy and snow snow snowy. i thought to myself when doing my morning ‘chores’ (also filling the bird feeders) that we have already had a full winter and there are still nearly three months left! i share your sentiments as feelings ebb and flow through the season …
the wonders of winter : )

From the land of summer, where it’s hard to sleep because of the heavy heat, I must tell you that your weather sounds beautiful.

I feel EXACTLY the same way. All of it. Except I am incapable of putting it so eloquently as do you. I had pizza tonight too but I had to go pick it up. Damn was it cold!


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