falling softly into fall

Though not as gently as I’d like… yesterday was spent pulling weeds and cleaning up the worst area of the jungle garden. My back hurts and I’m walking around like am old woman but even so, it felt good to accomplish the task.

It was a weekend of getting stuff done, paperwork and painting woodwork, fixing windows and pulling weeds, hanging out with my husband and son, reading and watching movies.

The kind of weekend I needed, catching up on life a little, filling my mind with quiet, watching summer turn the corner and amble on down the road.

Even though I love autumn, it’s always a little sad to say goodbye to summer’s promises.

Already, leaves are dropping, changing color. I feel myself nesting, looking forward to inside fires and cozy evenings, and I think I smell apple crisp baking in the oven.

Circle, cycle, circle, going round and coming back again… I’m so glad I live in a place with four distinct seasons, each one measuring time out in ways that I can touch and smell and follow. It’s such a simple things really, but my habits change with the seasons, and there is always a new one to look forward to, an old one to say goodbye to, the rhythm of life running just below the surface.

Soon it will be time to move into holiday mode, more jewelry making, cookie baking, time taking.

And so, I savor these days of almost autumn, windows open and no fans whirring, I can hear the birds and the crickets singing the same old song.

The song of life.

I make sure to listen.

And I let go, quietly, as another leaf falls.


Wishing you a week filled with quiet.







letting go and listening to the cycle of the circle is nice. love the image, kelly.

what a beautiful soft image. i like your seasons, and like that you share them. we sat in the 90 some odd degree afternoon heat yesterday, trying to decide if it felt like fall was coming, deciding yes, but it is so not the same as your fall-is-coming. i do think it’s part of my clutter clearing, though, knowing it will get here eventually. and laughingly, i actually baked an apple crisp yesterday (not from scratch, but it counts). my way of enticing autumn.

Isn’t it interesting how our habits change with the seasons. So happy that autumn is finally making an appearance here.


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